Transform a Quilt Pattern with Fabric Choices

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Choose a Favorite Color and Match Value Placement for This Lovely Quilt!

This beautiful red and white quilt is a stunning rendition of the “Le Jardin Cerise” quilt pattern. It clearly shows how dramatically different a pattern can turn out with a change in colors and values.

Elizabeth, of Occasional Piece, discusses this beautiful quilt made by her friend, Rhonda, on her website. We agree with Elizabeth that Rhonda’s version is far more interesting than the original.

Rhonda's Red Quilt

To make something similar, start with the “Le Jardin Cerise” pattern and substitute your own predominant color. While we love the red and white, just about any color will be stunning. Just pay attention to the values to replicate Rhonda’s version.

“Le Jardin Cerise” is an easy quilt to stitch together. The finished quilt is 64½˝ x 64½˝.

The pattern is included in the Winter 2011/2012 issue of America Loves Scrap Quilts, from McCall’s Quilting. A digital copy is available.

Click here to purchase “America Loves Scrap Quilts, Winter 2011/2012″.






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