Try This Trick for More Accurately Pieced Strips

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Produce Perfectly Straight Seams and Strips of Consistent Widths!

Have you ever had to piece strips together and been unable to produce finished strips of the exact same width? Sometimes, no matter how straight or accurate your seams, the strips themselves were cut a bit off, especially if you’re using pre-cuts.

That makes it difficult to produce accurate strip sets of the correct finished width. And, the width of each strip within the set can vary a bit from the others. That’s very annoying when you need to match seams in the next step of the construction process.

Try This Trick for More Accurately Pieced Strips

Bonnie Hunter noticed a student using a technique that produces perfectly accurate widths between seams. It may take a bit of doing to become proficient with it but soon you’ll be producing perfectly straight and evenly spaced strips.

She’s done a great job of writing up how it was done so we’ll let Bonnie explain.

Click here for the “Amazingly Smart!” article.

Image Source: The photo at the top of the page is from The Cottage Mama.


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