Unexpected Coloring Makes This Quilt Sing

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Get Creative with the Background Color to Show Off the Blocks!

We love when a quilter does something unexpected, turning a traditional pattern into something fresh and new. That’s the case with this beauty from designer Deanne Eisenman.

The Churn Dash blocks in this quilt have been set off to perfection inside a lattice against a beige background. What makes this unusual is that the lattice is light and the background is of a medium value. Typically the lattice would be a darker value and the background would be light.

Churn Dash Checkers Quilt Pattern

We also love the pieced border that picks up colors in the blocks. It’s a beautiful finishing touch.

This is a wonderful project for cleaning out some of those scraps in your stash. It’s an easy one, too. It’s all simple straightforward piecing.

You’ll have fun with this pattern, selecting your lattice and background colors. For some reason we keep seeing the background as a lovely fern green (complementing a coordinating set of blocks), but you’ll surely have your own ideas.

The finished quilt is 64″ x 64″.

Click here to purchase the “Churn Dash Checkers” quilt pattern.





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