Give Your Quilt’s Binding a Special Finish

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Three Excellent Tutorials for Using Decorative Machine Stitches to Secure Bindings!

The beautiful machine embroidery stitch used to secure the binding of a lovely quilt got us to thinking about bindings. The standard approach is to stitch them down by hand or machine, making the stitching as invisible as possible.

Some quilters will stitch down a binding by machine, allowing the straight stitching to show. But look what happens when the stitching becomes part of the overall design. That extra touch adds so much to the finished quilt.

Quilt with Binding Secured with a Deorative StitchPhoto courtesy of Ketros Blog.

We were unable to find instructions for that sweet quilt but we did find other tutorials for attaching bindings with decorative machine stitches.

Secure a Binding with a Machine Blanket Stitch

Binding with a blanket stitch is an easy place to begin. provides an excellent tutorial on We All Sew. The instructions are somewhat specific to the Bernina, but you’ll find great tips regardless of what machine you use.

Click here for the free “Blanket Stitch Tip for Binding” tutorial.

Blanket Stitch Binding Tutorial

Finish Your Binding with a Blanket Stitch or Other Pretty Stitches

Angie Padilla often finishes the bindings on her quilts with a blanket stitch and other decorative stitches. She sews the binding to the back side of the quilt, folds it to the front and stitches it down.

Binding with a Decorative Stitch

Decorative Stitches Make the Binding Extra Pretty

Aurifil also provides a helpful tutorial. It’s from Aggy Burczyk and works with any decorative stitch.

Click here for the “Thread Matters: Binding with a Touch (Part 2)” article.

Bindings with Decorative StitchesGive some thought to finishing off your next quilt with decorative stitching. You’re sure to love the special touch it provides.






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