Make a Lovely Table Topper from One Large Block

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The Block Makes a Charming Quilt Too!

This beautiful little quilt will be lovely on your table any time of the year. It can be made from a Calico Star block, which also makes a charming quilt when several blocks are sewn together.

Whether you choose to make one block for a table quilt or several for a quilt, the block itself is simple to make despite its complex appearance.

Calico Star Quilt Block Tutorial

The large 24″ block is made up of several smaller blocks, most of which are made from half-square triangles. Chevron blocks and Broken Dishes blocks surround a Diamond block in a nine-patch configuration.

Calico Star Quilt Block Tutorial

When several blocks are combined in a quilt, sashing with cornerstones helps produce a secondary design. The resulting quilt looks complex but is all made from easy units. A wide variety of prints gives it a scrappy look.Calico Star Quilt TutorialCalico Star Quilt Tutorial

Quilt found at Schoolhouse Quilts.

The table topper, created by Victoria Carter and sold in her Etsy shop, was constructed a bit differently and was made from a more coordinated color theme. An Economy block made with fussy-cut fabric was used in the center instead of the Diamond block. A border was added to complete the small quilt. Plus, the block is slightly smaller than the one in the tutorial.

Calico Star Quilt Block Tutorial

If you don’t plan to showcase a motif in the center you can construct the Calico Star block as described in the video tutorial (there are seams through the center). Otherwise, make an Economy block of the same size as the Chevron block so they fit well together. Use the chart and instructions here. An 8″ finished Economy block should be the correct size but check the width of the Chevron before proceeding (which should be 8 1/2″ unfinished to fit nicely together with the 8″ finished/8 1/2″ unfinished Economy block).

Jenny used the 8-at-a-time method for making the half-square triangles used in the block and started with 10″ squares. To make the topper you’ll need to make 8 half-square triangles from each of the following fabric combinations (starting in the upper left):

  • 1 square of green + 1 square of white (you’ll have 4 left  over)
  • 1 square of violet + 1 square of white
  • 1 square of dark purple + 1 square of white
  • 1 square of green floral + 1 square of white (you’ll have 4 left over)
  • 1 square of beige + 1 square of dark purple

If you’re using half-square triangles for the center you’ll need 1 square of plaid + 1 square of beige. You’ll have four left over.

Add 3″ strips to the outside of the 24″ block (finished size) for borders. That will produce a table topper of about 29 1/2″ square. The fabric Victoria used is available here while supplies last.

Watch as Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. shows how the block and quilt are made in the following video.

Click here to watch the video at YouTube if it doesn’t play on your device.

You’ll need the following supplies to make the full quilt, which measures 91″ x 91″. The finished block is 24″ square. Learn more here.

Calico Star Quilt Tutorial


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