Tips for Working with Invisible Monofilament Thread

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It’s Perfect When You Want Stitches to Blend or Even Disappear!

Monofilament or invisible thread is a good choice for many quilting projects. For example, it’s often used for machine applique where you want the stitches to disappear.

It’s also handy for machine quilting when it’s hard to choose a color, for example in quilts with both dark and light patches. Some quilters love using it for things like quilting in the ditch so stitches that are off track don’t show.

Tips for Working with Monofilament Invisible Thread

Monofilament thread typically comes in transparent smoke and clear colors. Since it’s shiny, like thin fishing line, the smoke is best against dark colors.

You can also choose between nylon and polyester. Many quilters prefer poly because nylon tends to stretch more and is more likely to tangle. Plus, some brands can yellow over time. However, others swear by it.

Monofilament thread can be a bit tricky to work with at first. You may need to adjust the tension, load the spool horizontally instead of vertically, change the stitch length or needle size, and more. Some quilters avoid using it in the bobbin, while others do just fine with it.

Tips for Working with Monofilament Invisible Thread

In other words, you may need to do some experimenting to find what works for you. The brand of thread can also make a difference, so give yourself time to try different things until you find the right combination.

The following article by Lindsay Conner provides a brief overview of monofilament thread (along with other thread types).

Click here for “Your Complete Guide to Quilting and Sewing Threads”.

An excellent article from Generations goes further in-depth and is well worth reading.

Click here for the “Quilting with Clear Thread” article.

Barbara Shapel also provides good tips in the following article.

Click here for the “Tips for Working with Invisible Thread” article.

The following video by Vanessa from Crafty Gemini will help you get started.

Click here to watch the video at YouTube if it doesn’t play on your device.

Amazon carries monofilament thread from top manufacturers. The question and answer sections and reviews provide a lot of insight into how each thread performs. Once you click on a thread, scroll down to find both colors.

Click here to view a selection on Amazon.

Superior is a good brand that works well for many quilters. Learn more here.

YLI is a popular brand. Find it here.

Sulky invisible threads are highly rated. Learn more here.

Aurifil produces a popular nylon monofilament thread. Learn more here.

With a little trial and error you’re sure to find just the right thread and settings for your machine. Once you do, write it down so you can quickly switch the next time a project will benefit from invisible thread.


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