Bust Your Stash with This Striking Scrap Quilt

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It Will Be Lovely in Coordinated Colors Too!

This beautiful quilt is perfect for using up scraps and other fabrics in your stash. Coordinate around a general color scheme or just dig in and pull out whatever you’ve got and see how it turns out. You could even challenge yourself to use up your ugliest fabrics.

Just be sure to sort your fabrics into lights and darks. While there can be some variation within those two values, you’ll get the crispest look by keeping the values close.

Heads and Tails Quilt Pattern

A mix of fabric styles will work nicely in this quilt, too. Plaids, checks and polka dots will add interest while working well with other prints.

This is an easy quilt to construct, although it does require the Easy Angle Acrylic Template (you can get it here). If you don’t already have one, you’ll find many uses for it once you do.

The finished quilt is 78 1/2″ x 87 1/2″.

Click here to purchase the “Heads and Tails” quilt pattern.




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