Charming Chickens for Your Kitchen

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Gingham and Polka Dots Make Them Extra Fun!

Charming chickens with lots of personality star in these pot holders and tea towels. They’re perfect for any kitchen and make great last-minute gifts.

Choose between the round potholder, the chicken shaped potholder and the tea towel. Put a set together with two of a design or a combination of all three.

Round Chicken Potholder with PocketThe pocket of the round potholder is sized to fit a hand. Or, slip a coordinating tea towel into the pocket for giving. Add a border and an appliqued chicken to a purchased tea towel to make a set.

Charming Chicken Tea TowelYou may already have fabrics in your stash to choose from. Have fun selecting a pleasing color combination for your set of chicken kitchen accessories. Polka dots, gingham and stripes add to the whimsical appeal but select whatever fabrics you love.

Charming Chicken PotholderAll of the projects included with this pattern are easy to make. You’ll have one or more stitched up before you know it.

The round pocket potholder measures 9″ across and the chicken shaped potholders measure 9 1/4″ x 6 3/4″.

Click here to purchase the “Charming Chickens Potholders & Tea Towels” pattern.






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