3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

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Alter the Instructions to Fit Your Space!

Is your sewing space small, with no room for a full-sized cutting table? One of these folding tables may be a good solution for you.

While instructions are provided for making a version of all three types feel free to adapt them to fit your space and needs. Unless you have woodworking skills, you’ll likely need help from someone with the right tools and construction knowledge. Or, look for similar ready-made solutions.

When planning your cutting table, be sure to take into account the height. Standard table heights are killer on the back when cutting for any length of time. Instead, find a good height for you by measuring from the floor to about 6 inches below your elbow.

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small SpacesImage from Cut, Stitch & Piece.

Each of the three tables shown here provides different options for achieving the correct height. We’ll provide suggestions, but do some creative thinking to find the right solution for you.

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

Perhaps the easiest table to construct is this clever wall-mounted drop-down table. This is a great solution for a hallway or other traffic areas where you can’t leave a large table out all the time. 

The instructions from Grosgrain Fab will get you started. Adjust the table size to fit your space and hang it at the right height.

Click here for the “DIY Drop Down Cutting Table” instructions.

A similar wall-mounted table made from an interior door drops down over a bed in the following video from Cindy P. Notice the chalkboard back that appears when the table isn’t in use.

Click here to watch the video at YouTube if it doesn’t play on your device.

If you’re very short on space, the Norberg wall-mounted drop-leaf table from IKEA may help. It’s 29 1/8″ x 23 5/8 “. Learn more here.

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

A Murphy table is similar to the drop-down (or fold-up) tables shown above, but with built-in storage. The cabinet front folds down to create a table.

The instructions provided by Shanty2Chic are for a small desk-sized table. Adjust them for the size cutting table you want.

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

Larger craft room Murphy table found on Pinterest.

Make the cabinet height (and length of the front leg) such that it will create a table of the right cutting height.

Click here for the “DIY Murphy Desk” Instructions.

A third cutting table idea is to create one with extensions on either side that fold up into place to expand the size of the table.

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

It’s hard to tell what the table above looks like opened up. It’s similar to the one below found on Pinterest (although a different size and height).

3 DIY Cutting Tables for Small Spaces

This folding table can be closed up and rolled into another space when not in use. Plus, you can open up one side or both, depending on how much space you need. And, since it was built specifically for cutting, the height of 35″ may be just right without having to make adjustments.

While detailed instructions aren’t provided, there is a printable cutting chart by maker @rpauley. You’ll find more constructions details in the Comments section below the table instructions.

Click here for the “Compact folding fabric cutting table” instructions.

The Norden table from IKEA (10 1/4″ W opening to either 35″ or 59″ 7/8″ x 31 1/2″ H) is an easier alternative. You may want to add coasters or otherwise increase the height. Learn more here.

We hope these suggestions help you find a cutting table solution that fits your space. You’ll find more clever folding table ideas at this Pinterest search and adaptable pre-made options here.


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